Your partner in salaries & Economics in Stockholm

We at Niva Ekonomi in Haninge helps both small and large companies with financial issues - everything from administration of salaries to accounts.

We who work here are a happy and ambitious people who love what we do, working as a team and can provide assistance with everything from financial statements to tax returns.

Our skilled accounting consultants have diverse backgrounds and experience in the accounting industry, which gives customers a great advantage because you are not only buying a person's experience and knowledge, but the entire agency.

We strongly believe that companies need to have a close and long term relationship with their accounting firm for the success of their enterprise. As our customer, you can always feel safe and confident that your payroll, bookkeeping and accounting is handled correctly and properly and that we always put you and your business in mind. TEAM SPIRIT and customer focus is what makes our agency stronger..

A warm welcome to us at Niva Ekonomi in Haninge - your business partner in the accounting, bookkeeping and other accounting services!

We at Niva

  • Camilla Niva

    "Camilla - The Finnish lion who leads her environment with loving and firm hand "
  • Riitta Lahtinen

    "Riitta - Benjamin's caring Moomin Mamma with orderliness in Focus"
  • Marie-Louise Andersson

    "Marie-louise - Our educational Mary who mixes her free time with boxing and sailing"
  • Linnéa Boander

    "Linnea - Our fiery Brazilian who has been involved since the start of Nivas"
  • Madeleine Sjögren

    "Madde - The Scanian joy spreader who love exercise"
  • Ann-Sofi Berglund

    "Ann-Sofi - Niva's latest contribution which proved to be a star on the running track"
  • Maria Åkerqvist

    "Maria - Our reassuring and dedicated colleague at leisure loves being on her country place in Roslagen"
  • Sara Simonsson

    "Sara - Our skylark who is currently building their dream house in Nynashamn"
  • Jenny Öberg

  • Liselotte Grandin

  • Bulduk Sener

  • Åsa Wallin

  • Dace Kalke

  • Kamilla Zielinska

  • Adalia Najim

  • Malin Bennedicks

  • Therese Roberts