Niva newsletter

We've gathered us for a warm and wonderful holiday, where we, like you, got lot of heat and energy. Now we are energized and ready for the autumn and winter.

We have now started the newsletter that we will send out continuously to all our customers. We want you to feel up to date on what's happening here with us at Niva and provide some tax tips and "Month-to-do-things" to you as an entrepreneur.

BIG thanks to everyone who responded to our customer survey. It has given us an idea of what you think, and the repsonse was very good.
Thank you for your involvement!
Means a lot to us that you give us your feedback on our cooperation.

During the summer, our amazing sunbeam - Cecilia Jansson, stopped to move on to new adventures at Stockholm University. She will be missed and we wish her good luck!
We have now been given a new ray of sunshine to the reception, namely Ann-Sofi Berglund, who joined us in June. Anso - Welcome! (as she is also known), hope you will enjoy your stay with us in our Niva family.

Other events at level that occurred recently.
* Monica turned 50. Congrats!
* The entire staff has been photographed for the new website.

This months - Remember!

* Representation: Be sure to write the participants' names and the purpose of the representation of your receipts

* Written receipts (receipt should be addressed to your company) on purchases over 2000 SEK. It means that if you buy, for example, in a deal for more than 2000 $ to your company and pay by card or cash, then you should also ask the cashier to write a receipt that is issued to your company.
This is called a paper receipt.

Tax Tips

Dividends taken in Aktiebolaget taxed at 20%, which one should keep in mind when taking their reward in the corporation during the year. It can be as far as possible (primarily) try to keep a level of pay that makes you just pay municipal income tax and then when the annual accounts are established and if the company has distributable reserves, it decides to take dividends instead. Tell me if you want more information on this we will tell you in more detail!

Did you know!

Our motto is Commitment, Confidence and Competence!
It is important that you know that these key words really represent us at Niva. You are the people we work for every day.

We work every day to make you rich!