Some of our satisfied customers!

M Blombergs VVS Service AB

What we appreciate about Niva Ekonomi is that they provide a very genuine and personal approach to each question about laws,
Taxes, fees and bookkeeping you may have.
They are always pleasant, helpful and take care of everything you could want in terms of company numbers and finances. Fast support and help from the best staff that always delivers.

Sincerely/Markus Blomberg


Danfer AB




Uptime Systems AB

"Great and fast service. Appreciate the personal attention and flexibility. Niva Ekonomi stands for reliability and honesty have never had comments from the auditor on accounting quality"

Johan Wirén, Manager  

"Niva Ekonomi has been my partner throughout my time as an entrepreneur. They have helped me with the current billing to my clients, all accounting, financial statements and tax returns. They have delivered reports regularly to me where I received great help and support to understand my reports " Anders Norén, Norens Mekaniska  


Steamphase AB

"NIVA Ekonomi is the best choice if you want both professionalism and personal attention. The company's current business is entirely dependent on fast and competent accounting assistance which NIVA Ekonomi handles perfectly and with a nice touch "

Stefan Sjölund
Steamphase AB 





Vator Securities AB

"Friendly staff who deliver on time" :)

Homan Panahi, CEO   





Söderorts Körkortsakademi

"Niva Ekonomi has handled our accounting since we started the company. Our partnership gives us great confidence where we like driving school must focus on what we are good at. Our partnership gives us the structure of the enterprise"   

PeGor Konsult

"Professional - Available - Individual - Helpful and additionally pleasant! What more could you want?"

Peder Göransson
PeGor Konsult



Bridell Kvalitet AB

"CN Niva Ekonomi calls itself "the personal accounting agency" and it is certainly true. I am always very nice and personally responded to my contacts and I feel confident with the support I get for my business"

Erland Bridell,

HL Magic AB 



Galepo AB

"We are very pleased with Niva Ekonomi and the friendly service we receive from the gang at Niva. When we have questions or concerns, we get rapid feedback and there is orderliness in the routines. I can say that they deliver above expectation. Thank you Niva!"

Peter Hultqvist
Galepo AB  



AppsAlliance AB

"In selecting an accounting firm was of the utmost importance that the Agency could keep the books for my limited company but also take care of my private declaration. Since I including trading in the world I wanted an agency that could handle this professionally. My choice fell on Niva Ekonomi. It was a great choice. in addition to professionalism and personal service, I also always get a nice attitude"

Zsolt Nagy
AppsAlliance AB   

A-teamet Sjuksköterske Omsorg i Stockholm AB

"We are two nurses who started the company three years ago.
Since we did not know anything about accounting and how to run a business.
Through our accounting agency Niva, the firm are moving forward every year!
They support us and put up with all of our questions! "

Jelena och Ljiljana
A-teamet Sjuksköterske Omsorg i Stockholm AB


Kajsas Musikskola

"I have been a customer of Niva Ekonomi AB for almost 4 years since I started my business.
I have always received a friendly welcome and able to ask how many questions whatsoever.
I am a satisfied customer who does not think I have paid a tax penny too much! "

Kajsa Wahlstedt-Gudmark  

El & Säkerhet i Stockholm AB




Vårdresurs i Sverige AB 





HW Grodan Services AB

"Niva Ekonomi has facilitated our work and helped us to grow, always happy and friendly staff"
Orlando Sepulveda 

Picture & Sound AB

"For me, as self-employment, it works perfectly with Niva Ekonomi.
A meeting once a month for a review of receipts and issues.
Ongoing contact via email with income and taxes payable.
Quick response and short decision paths and the flexibility that everyone in the company can take care of our customers. " satisfied customer

Mikael Ljunggren 






U.R. Plåt & Smide Aktiebolag

"We have turned to Niva for several years. They have periodically attended from bookkeeping and payroll to tax returns and financial statements, and have a flexible approach adapted to our changing needs over the years. Niva also serves as a sounding board and support in various economic issues and work characterized throughout by skill, efficiency and personal attention "
Rose-Marie Söderlund



Elevatia AB

Benny Hansson

Salonen Consulting AB

"I call myself an IT guru and can design the most complex IT systems, if necessary. But what I think is difficult and takes a long time to understand is all that comes with the economics.Luckily, I have chosen Niva Ekonomi as gurus in the area and help me with all the complexity of taxes, payroll, billing, accounting, financial statements, etc. it allows me to focus on what I do best, and sleep well at night."

Marko Salonen, Salonen Consulting AB

Skrivomat AB

Jens Linder


HR Konsult Monica Hörlin

"When I started my company in HR and Coaching, I had decided to manage my accounts myself. It is a sole proprietorship, and besides, I have training in accounting. For safety's sake, I chose to put aside just Niva Ekonomi mailshots. Then, above all, I felt good about the company's simple and structured website. Once I'd make my first accounts I realized that this must be done with professional help, took out the flyer and called Camilla. Now Niva handles all my accounts, statement and annual accounts. They are professional, reliable and pleasant. I feel safe and am very happy with Niva Ekonomi AB! "
Monica Hörlin
HR Specialist & Coach
Certified Career Coach (life and career)
Certified Coach Changes (change management)


Fastighetsskötsel Lindskog AB

"I'm very happy with The cooperation with Niva Ekonomi, always pleasant conversations and quick response when I have questions about my company's finances. Skilled manager and staff with a joyful makes me happy to recommend Niva Ekonomi AB to others "

Stefan Lindskog
Fastighetsskötsel Lindskog AB