We want to make our clients rich!

Every day when we come to our office, our goal is to guide our clients in their business.

We want to inspire and enrich their enterprise.

We at Niva should only be the partner of choice.

Our services at Niva

  • Accounting / bookkeeping
  • Financial statements
  • Annual accounts and annual report
  • Declarations
  • Company formation
  • Salary administration
  • Financial advice
  • Tax planning
  • Other financial administration

Make Your Finance Department invulnerable and effective!

By hiring an outside accounting department ensures that you get a wide range of skills and a function that works without illness or other absence.

The finance function of a business is the department that needs to be secure and stable. It needs a solid ground to stand on and therefore it is important that the level of organization functions.

Niva Ekonomi AB consists of qualified accountants with extensive experience in accounting. We provide all our services in a personalized manner where the motto is commitment, confidence and competence.

All assignments are different and you as a customer is unique. Let us help your business to see what your finance function needs. We ensure that management always gets the right information.

We strongly believe that the company's accounting department is the foundation for the success of his enterprise.

Contact us and we'll make an appointment for a detailed presentation of us and our services.